Des élèves de 2nde et de 1ère LLCE ont vu la pièce "Toutes les choses géniales"

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Review / Every Brilliant Thing- November 9th, 2023 at CC Jean Vilar in Marly-le-Roi}

I really liked the play Every Brillant Thing by Duncan Macmillan. It conveyed a very touching message, all the more so for teenagers because it’s a very difficult time to go through, so it speaks to us even more.
Indeed, we saw how the character experiences this period in terms of relationships with his parents and a whole host of other teenage topics. It also shows us that life is made of ups and downs and that there are always good times and bad ones, but they never last too long, so we shouldn’t lose hope.
Catherine Hauseux is a very good actress who is not afraid of being ridiculous and lets loose completely on stage, which puts the audience at ease.
I enjoyed the contrast between the seriousness of the complicated and complex subject matter (suicide) and the interactions with the audience, which added a touch of humour and fun to the play. In fact, that’s perhaps what I liked best, because these interactions were original and unexpected.
Moreover, seeing this woman’s development despite her complicated childhood was very interesting. She still managed to build a life for herself despite her mother’s and her own depression. And that’s a great message because no matter how hard things get, you can always pull through and so we must never give up.

Une élève de Mme Klein